Monday, December 16, 2013

Promotora wanted for the Eastern Coachella Valley Environmental Health Justice Data Project

Field Surveyor
Wanted for Eastern Coachella Valley

The California Institute for Rural Studies (CIRS) and the Loma Linda University School of Public Health

Discipline Public Health
Specialty Environmental Health
Contact Ryan G. Sinclair
Phone (909) 558-4000 x47128


Or Jaime Lopez

Must have a high school education and be familiar with  the culture and communities of the Eastern Coachella Valley

The California Institute for Rural Studies (CIRS) is recruiting up to 5 promotoras to conduct a targeted research project in the Eastern Coachella Valley. The project investigates several research questions on the topics of community health, environmental exposures and respiratory health, health disparities and disease prevention.

Source of funding
The surveyor will be paid directly from the CIRS with funds originating from the California Endowment. The project is entitled the Eastern Coachella Valley Environmental Health Justice Data Project
The field agent will be working with faculty from the LLU SPH, CIRS staff and project partners in the ECV. 
Project Partners:
Loma Linda University School of Public Health Department of Environmental Health
California Rural Legal Assistance
Pueblo Unido CDC
Building Healthy Communities of Coachella Valley
Inland Congregations United for Change
And other partners

Supervisor and Principal Investigators
Jaime Lopez, DrPH(s) MPH
Ryan G. Sinclair PhD, MPH
Gail Wadsworth MSc
Job description

The surveyor will collect data from selected households in Eastern Coachella Valley. The will be paid by completed survey and reimbursed for gasoline. Duties of the surveyor include household surveying and entering data on an electronic tablet. The surveyor will also work with a partner who collects household data. 

 Ability to commit to pre-scheduled work.

Hours per week
At least five completed survey assessments per work day and 3 work days per week. Hours will increase throughout the project depending on performance.

How to apply
Please forward your resume and a cover letter to Dr. Ryan G. Sinclair or Jaime Lopez and detail why you should be considered for this position.

This position is open to anyone who has participated in community based activities. The candidate may have been considered a promotora, community worker, health volunteer or other community organizer.

Knowledge - Skill.
Proficiency in working with Latino populations, use of a smart phone and Tablet technology.
Must have a car or committed to commute with other team members to research site.
Must be able to independently coordinate with other team members within Eastern Coachella Valley.
Must not have major restrictions on availability. This includes the potential for late afternoon and early evening interviewing.
Must possess team building skills and contribute as a team member.
Must have a high level of Interpersonal skills and willing to meeting many new households.

Must possess a situational awareness to avoid hazards.
Proficiency in Spanish is desired.
Must be comfortable conducting interviews within rural communities.
Physical demands include must be in overall good health and able to walk and work in weather conditions unique to the Coachella Valley.
Must be committed to commuting to field site locations for data collection activities.
Must have a capacity to learn new work routines quickly.
Ability to share responsibilities with a networked team of coworkers.
Motivation to engage in and manage a wide range of physical and field investigation work.