Friday, October 11, 2013

Laboratory technician for a water quality study of the SMURRF.

Laboratory technician for a public health and water quality study of the SMURRF

For Loma Linda University MPH students or other LLU science students.

A USEPA funded project is recruiting a motivated and committed laboratory technician. The position is open for anyone with laboratory experience and a willingness to train and learn new laboratory techniques and field sampling methods. The position requires a full year commitment for up to 6 planned sampling trips and one rain-event sampling trip. Sampling trips will be made by driving to the Santa Monica pier and collecting water quality samples from the SMURRF location.

The Santa Monica Urban Runoff Recycling Facility is a new and innovative approach to stormwater management. It is an exciting project to be a part of because it is one of the country’s first attempts at stormwater recycling. 

Job description
  • Sets-up and operates various scientific apparatus
  • Ability to commit to a planned work schedule
Source of funding
The laboratory technician will be paid directly from a Loma Linda University account so work study eligible and non-work study eligible students are encouraged to apply. 

Skills required
  • Must be willing to spend two entire work days sampling and working in the lab. 
  • Must be comfortable working alone in the field and interacting with SMURRF personnel. 
  • Must not have major restrictions on availability. A reasonable class schedule is expected
  • Physical demands include must be in overall good health and able to walk and work in weather conditions unique to the area.
  • Must have a capacity to learn new software, new laboratory methods, follow strict QAQC lab protocol, and learn new instrumentation. 
  • Ability to share responsibilities with a networked team of coworkers
Lab results and samples must be prepared promptly after collection. These samples must have the data recorded systematically in a lab notebook and have a portion be frozen then shipped to the USEPA headquarters in Cincinnati.  

Supervisor and Principal Investigator Ryan G. Sinclair PhD, MPH 

Hours per week
This position lasts for one year and can serve as a field practicum project. The person is required to work for two sequential days at least 6 times in one year. The amount of hours per week is estimated at 10 hours per week

This competitive position will be listed until filled. Please forward your resume and a cover letter detailing why you should be considered for this position.  

Ryan G. Sinclair PhD, MPH: email:  rsinclair at the LLU (dot) edu

Pay range is from 10-14 USD per hour depending on experience
This job is available to international students. Non-US students may be required to work in the “on-campus” lab and not travel to the SMURRF for field data collection. 
Non- US citizens and residents are typically not allowed to work "off campus" for pay.

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